Я поэт, зовусь я Трамп.

"I never understood wind.

You know, I know

windmills very much.

I have studied it

better than anybody

else. It’s very expensive.

They are made in China

and Germany mostly.

—Very few made here, almost none,

but they are manufactured, tremendous

—if you are into this—

tremendous fumes. Gases are

spewing into the atmosphere. You know

we have a world


So the world

is tiny

compared to the universe.

So tremendous, tremendous

amount of fumes and everything.

You talk about

the carbon footprint

— fumes are spewing into the air.

Right? Spewing.

Whether it’s in China,

Germany, it’s going into the air.

It’s our air

their air

everything — right?

A windmill will kill many bald eagles.

After a certain number

they make you turn the windmill off.

That is true.

—By the way

they make you turn it off.

And yet, if you killed one

they put you in jail.

That is OK.

You want to see a bird graveyard?

You just go.

Take a look.

A bird graveyard.

Go under a windmill someday,

you’ll see

more birds

than you’ve ever seen

in your life."

~ D. Trump


Asheville Poetry Review


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