Ремонт, вечный ремонт

Несколько дней назад я написал такое по поводу событий в моей кухне. Для тех, кто не владеет Гугль-переводчиком кран на моей кухне оторвался и было очень шумно и очень много воды.

"Man proposes, but God disposes" this what comes in mind on the events of yesterday evening. That is if we assume God has anything to do with my kitchen sink, which is doubtful.

But anyway, I was sitting in my room, getting ready to unload another sample of my English language nonsense, which I am trying to do to improve my writing skills, drinking my evening "tea" when this happened.

I started to get loud screams from the kitchen.

This happens from time to time. For example, when my daughter sees a cockroach, she will make a delightful, high-pitched sound of horror, which will indicate to me the need to get up from a chair and start a cockroach hunt.

The same thing happens if my wife will see a mouse. It may be a little different in a tone of scream, but essentially the same.

This time screams I heard were from both of them, which by itself was puzzling. On top of it by the loudness of the screams, I decided we have an invasion of cockroaches and mice. At least of a dozen of the first ones and half of dozen of the second ones.

Maybe even some birds already hunting for them all. That was wild. I run thinking about what I need to get to arm myself.

In the kitchen I found both of them, standing startling with tremoring hands up and screaming their lungs out in a cloud of... What is it? It was not a cloud of smoke, It was steam.

On a second glance, I see the waterfall coming out of a kitchen cabinet. Streams of hot steaming water.

I needed another second before I realize that water actually was coming with quite a big pressure out of a place where a handle of the facet supposes to be, creating a spectacular fountain, hitting cabinet above.

Stuff like that usually not happening in real life. It is like from old silence movie, like comedy Charlie Chaplin-style. It was not just funny. It was mega hilarious.

It took me about 2 seconds to cut off the cut off valve under the sink before I started to laugh.

You know what, there is a Russian saying: "Russian woman can stop the horse and enter the burning house." She certainly can break a faucet.

You better believe it.

В результате пришлось переставлять всю раковину.

Дыру увеличил немного. Хорошо, что мебель сам сделал, можно ломать.
Дыру увеличил немного. Хорошо, что мебель сам сделал, можно ломать.
Под раковиной
Под раковиной

Раковины в США другие. Там обычно две их раковин и обычно там есть мотор, который перемалывает съедобный мусор. Перемалывает и отправляет в трубу. Все трубы пришлось делать по новой, надеюсь что я не посрамил техфака.

Зря я что ли гидравлику преподавал.


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