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Опубликовала такую картинку и такой текст..
Second day helping loved ones clean up the devastation and figure out how to move forward. Worked side by side today with new friends- great people who came to help. Stopping to mend a man's cut finger, hauling everything to the street, boxing what we could salvage..Side by side, our hearts were heavy. And side by side, we shared some smiles. Street after street the same scene. Heartbreaking, yes, but one thing is certain- We are Louisiana and together we will hug till the hugs aren't ne
eded and we will give till the rebuilding is done!

Мы - Луизиана и вместе мы будем обнимать друг друга пока объятия наши будут нужны и помогать пока перестройка закончится.
Tags: батон руж, катастрофы, погода

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