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Отчет Атлантического Совета об участии РФ в войне в Украине.


Атлантический Совет Соединенных Штатов - это влиятельный think tank, то есть группа независимых от правительства или партии мыслителей, экспертов и советников, которые проводят и аргументируют позиции по разным, в данном случае международным вопросам. Данный отчет представлен для желающих политиков что бы информировать их о событиях в западных частях Украины и приводит доказательства участия РФ в разжигании и проведении этого конфликта.

As a result of the failure to appraise the nature of the threat,
major Western governments are not devoting the necessary
resources, including intelligence assets, to the war in Ukraine.
With this in mind, the Working Group recommends that
Western governments:
• devote substantially more intelligence assets to
unveiling and countering Putin’s war in Ukraine;
• employ new digital forensic methods to complement
traditional covert, technical, and open source methods;
• make public, to the maximum extent possible,
information documenting Putin’s aggressive designs,
the presence of Russian troops and equipment in
Ukraine, and Russian officials directing the fighting
in Ukraine, while protecting intelligence methods as
• share intelligence regarding Russian plans against
and Russian forces in and near Ukraine through
vetted channels with the Ukrainian government;
• counter, not abet, Russia’s hybrid war by speaking
clearly, consistently, and publicly about Russia’s war
against Ukraine;
• increase funding for, and mobilize private investment
in, Russian-language independent programs and
media that broadcast into Russian speaking areas to
offset the impact of Moscow’s propaganda;
• dedicate more intelligence assets to and analysis
of Putin’s burgeoning hybrid warfare against other
neighbors and European nations (including other
post-Soviet states and NATO and EU nations); and
• draw on these insights to inform policy decisions
(such as extending, not curtailing, sanctions) and to
formulate a more comprehensive transatlantic
strategy to deter Russia’s aggressive actions.

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