Old Ape (andreybar) wrote,
Old Ape

Потрясная история про девочку в центре этого снимка...

Произошла сегодня. Смотри тут по русски.

Оригинальный источник:

Today I met Oskar Groening, the 93-year-old former SS who is on trial in Germany. I introduced myself and reached out to shake his hand. The strangest thing happened. He was trying to say something as he was sitting sideways in his chair. He turned white and fell backwards, not saying a word. He was holding onto my arm so he did not hit the floor. At that moment he was not a Nazi but an old man who fainted and I was trying to save him from falling. I screamed, "He is falling and I can't hold onto him - he is a big old guy!" This was not the interaction I was hoping for. I knocked out an old Nazi.
Tags: находки на вебе

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